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Delphix’s Select Connector for Salesforce is targeted at helping organizations manage sensitive Salesforce data between development environments, without inducing a trade-off between speed and compliance.

It has two main aspects:

  1. The Masking features give organizations the ability to mask and utilize their Salesforce data in tandem with the rest of their data ecosystem.
  2. The Data Protect & Version features address Salesforce Data Backup & Recovery requirements, allowing organizations to keep a robust time flow of their Salesforce environment, and recover in case of an incident.


Mask Salesforce via JDBC

Ability to mask Salesforce test environments (“sandboxes” in Salesforce parlance).
The key value here is masking with realistic data and retaining referential integrity across data sources masked with Delphix

Manage Salesforce Metadata Packages

Ability to disable and re-enable Salesforce packages (ex: triggers/workflow rules).
Salesforce metadata packages can slow down masking performance or even cause masking failure. The Delphix solution addresses this issue by disabling metadata packages pre-masking and re-enabling them post-masking.

Rehearse Salesforce Metadata Package Deployment

Ability rehearse Salesforce metadata package management.
A rehearsal tool as a pre-flight aid on disabling and enabling Salesforce packages, and have a high-level of granularity in troubleshooting, as Salesforce has some packages that cannot be disabled or require Admin privileges.

Setup masking for Salesforce base tables with a single command

Sensitive fields in the out-of-the-box Salesforce schema are pre-identified and assigned with the corresponding masking algorithm, for all of the tables that come standard with Salesforce. This accelerates launch, reducing QA effort, and minimizes error risk.


Customers with the Select Connector for Salesforce SKU will be entitled to all features from both Masking and Data Protect & Version - we are providing a single solution for Salesforce needs.

Masking Support Matrices

JDBC Masking

Feature Availability
In-Place Masking Mode Multi-Tenant Available
Streams/Threads Available
Batch Update Available
Drop Indexes Unavailable
Disable Trigger Unavailable
Disable Constraint Unavailable
Identity Column Support Available
On-The-Fly Masking Mode Unavailable
Profiling Multi-Tenant Available
Streams Available

Delphix Compliance Accelerator

Platform \ dxac
dxac v1.0.0
Delphix Masking Engine 6.0.10+
Masking API 5.1.9
Salesforce API v51+
MacOS 11.6.0+
Windows 10
RHEL 7.9, 8.x
CDATA Salesforce Driver Version 21.0.8201.0

Delphix Rehearsal Tool

Platform \ dxrt
dxrt v1.0.0
Salesforce API v51+
MacOS 11.6.0+
Windows 10
RHEL 8.x

Salesforce Package Manager

Platform \ Package Manager
Package Manager v1.0.0
Delphix Masking Engine 6.0.10+
Masking API 5.1.9
Salesforce API v51+
CDATA Salesforce Driver Version 21.0.8201.0

Data Protect & Version

Delphix’s Data Protect & Version feature is an Orchestrator solution for Salesforce that gives Delphix users the ability to:

  • Backup data from a Salesforce Org of choice (e.g. Production or Live Org) and create a dSource
  • Schedule periodic backups from the source Salesforce Org and create a dSource timeline
  • Restore data into a Salesforce Org (Production or Sandbox) from a specific Salesforce backup in the dSource timeline

During the dSource creation, users will be able to choose a full backup (all objects in their Salesforce Org) or a partial backup (a subset of objects in their Salesforce Org).


The Salesforce platform does not allow direct database access. So, to move large volumes of data in and out, Delphix Data Protect & Version uses Bulk API v2.0.

Solution Overview


  1. Delphix Salesforce Data Manager (“The SDM”)

    The SDM is the component that communicates with Salesforce for Data Backup and Data Restore.

    The SDM contains the business logic to: * Authenticate with Salesforce using OAuth 2.0 * Interact with Salesforce APIs ( Bulk API, Rest API, Metadata API ) to identify the objects to download * Backup data from the objects identified.
    * Process and store the data from Salesforce into Delphix * Restore data from Delphix to a Salesforce Org using Salesforce APIs

    SDM will perform these operations with a sufficient degree of parallelism in order to ensure optimal backup and restore performance.

    SDM also includes a light-weight database that maintains the required state and history of all operations performed by SDM.

  2. Delphix Salesforce Data Protect & Version Plugin (“The Plugin”) The Plugin is a Delphix Virtualization SDK based plugin that translates Delphix operations (such as Link or Provision) into instructions for the SDM.

During the dSource creation process, Delphix provides the capability for an end user to specify a list of objects to include in the dSource (backup) or create the dSource with ALL downloadable data objects.

If a specific list of objects is provided, Delphix automatically identifies and downloads any other object(s) that are required for a successful restore of these objects. The dSource will contain data for the provided objects and all required parent objects.

Data Restore (Provision)

Provisioning is the process of restoring data from Delphix to a target database. In this case, Provision translates to Restoring/Importing data into a target Salesforce Org. Delphix mounts a filesystem on the Staging Host that contains all data files and metadata files that were part of the snapshot (backup) being restored.

As part of the provision operation, Delphix rebuilds the relationships between records as they existed in the source Salesforce Org.


Polymorphic relationships [WhoId, WhatId] are supported.

Data Protect & Version Support Matrix

Platform \ Data Protect & Version
Delphix Engine 6.0.12+
Salesforce Platform Winter ‘22, Spring ‘22
Salesforce API 53
Staging Host RHEL 7.9, 8.2