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Delphix Application Solutions are tailored solutions for key enterprise apps, built on top of the Delphix Data Platform.


Organizations rely on packaged apps and SaaS offerings to ensure that business processes (in their most critical workflows) are managed and run in a smooth, effective manner. However, complexities arise when it comes to testing data against these services in an efficient and compliant way.

Delphix is introducing a new solution that makes it easy to deploy Masking in these complex environments, which happens through accelerated sensitive data discovery and algorithm assignment. Provisioning masked VDBs (or masking data in test sandboxes) with realistic data is streamlined, with referential integrity maintained across the data ecosystem of an enterprise.

This pairing of market-leading Masking and Virtualization capabilities, with targeted solutions for specific applications, ensures that this data can be used for even the most advanced app development and test scenarios.

Application Solutions


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